"At fifty years of age, I have watched my hair disappear for the last twenty years. My kids would always make fun of my ‘landing strip’ on my frontal hairline and how old I was looking. Now only three (3) months after my surgery, I have regained some of that youthful character I possessed when I was in my thirties. It is still early after my surgical hair restoration surgery with Manual Punch by Dr Keser, and I am excited with how much more hair I will grow.

It is a great feeling when people tell me how much more younger I look with my hair restored. What really impressed me with the surgery was how easy it was to do. I wear my hair short, if I had the Strip procedure I would always worry about people looking a scar on the back of my head. I plan on having my second procedure for the back of my scalp done in about a year. I can’t wait. Thanks to Dr Keser and his team.”

Adam, Sweden




"It was probably the worst days of my life that I started losing my hair at the end of university  when I was 25 and following a few years. I had always nice, strong, healthy hair but I was shocked that it’s clearly visible, I was losing my hair. I consulted a dermatologist about my loss of hair. He suggested me to use some medicine and shampoo to stop my hair loss. But I don’t think it worked well at all. I continued losing them and day by day it was being really annoying. I consulted a few doctors more, their mutual opinion about my loss is that I had an androgenetic alopecia and it’s a bit challenging to preserve hairs especially on the temples and top when you have this kind of loss. Because it’s a genetic issue which is hereditarily inherited generally from mother’s side. Anyway, after several trial of various medicines, shampoos I was convinced that you can stop your hair loss when you have an androgenetic alopecia to some extent. There are much more useful medicines of course, but they may have side effects.

One day, one of my friend suggested me hairtransplant. I had heard about this surgery before but I had no idea where to start. He was also thinking of an hairtransplant and searching for good doctors for a while. My norwood level was 4, his was 3. After consulting a few doctors whose clinics are located in our country or neighbour ones in Europe, we were confused. Because there are several different methods and abundant information pollution on web for each of them. The least negative feedbacks were about manual punch, FUE; as far as the surgeon is experienced enough.

Because this will be maybe the first and the last hairtransplant surgeon I would like to have, I searched for the best. I thought I can fly to another distant country for this operation. Actually, when I saw Dr Keser’s works and patient feedbacks on web I said this the doctor I need. Because the density of his implantation seemed very satisfying and his artistry for hairline amazed me if all were true about those before-after photos. Many forums, his clinic’s website, various sources about him on web I searched a few weeks more. Then I finally decided to demand an appointment from him. I sent him photos showing clearly my hair loss, and got a quick mail of examination of my hair and got the appointment for 2 months later. He said I needed 2000-2500 grafts which is a lower number comparing other surgeons’ I consulted…

Time came and I flew to Ankara, Turkey from my country, Spain. One guy working for Dr Keser waiting for me outside to pick me up from the airport to the hotel where I would stay for a few days of my surgery. He was kind and seemingly reliable and it was a good welcome for me. I had a good rest at the hotel that day and next morning I went to the clinic to meet the Doctor and start the procedure and I was really excited.

He is also a smiling, nice, confidential man. He did his best for four days and and 2000 grafts were enough for me he said. His team is really caring, helpful. I felt good all the time, nothing went bad hopefully and flew back to my country after 5 days of stay in Turkey.

Thanks to good work of Dr Keser, I restored my hair back. I hope I will have no more hairloss, but if I have the only address I would go is Dr Keser’s Clinic. I love my hair, I love my professionally designed, close to the original, roundy hairline and density on my temples and top."

Edmundo, 28
Sevilla, Spain


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