Hair Growth Rate

Hair growth rate is one of the most important key factors for a successfull hair transplant operation. Thanks to Dr Keser's manual punch method and his great care and caution, hair growth rates are always quite satisfactory. For an ultimate hair growth rate, graft care, caution and experience are the musts. Dr Keser's unique implantation technique also allows keeping ultimate protection of fragile hair follicules.

Most of the damage for a graft is caused by inappropriate and inattentive operating styles during surgery. And the damage may end up with a dead graft which causes decrease in hair growth rate. Thus, medical team's caution during surgery and graft care on extraction and implantation are really important for keeping hair growth rate as high as possible.

Equipments used in surgery are also important to some extend. Preserving hair follicules is another important factor that may affect grafts' physical and biological condition. Dr Keser and his assistants always keep theirselves and the clinic updated in terms of modern equipments and medical stuff. Dr Keser adjusts non-stop developing medical industry's useful products to his ingrained unique hair transplant style in order to be able to chase exact best results in his works.

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